Life at Medical School #1


Hey! So as you may or may not know, I got into UCL Medical School! It was an intense application process, but it is incredibly rewarding to now be studying at the best medical school in the UK [citation unnecessary]. You would now have noticed that this site still is alive(!) and I hope to update you on life at medical school with weekly posts like this.

As a medical student, I hope to pass on whatever I’ve learnt and my reflections through these posts – which I hope will be helpful for aspiring medics or those just interested in medicine and my progress.

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“A journey of a thousand miles…

Begins with a single step”. This was mentioned in my first ever post on this blog, and it’s crazy to think that 3 years later I’d have found a passion for medicine and eventually started my first week. The quote couldn’t be more relevant here too.

To give you a quick overview of the course at UCL. It’s 6 years long and we graduate with 2 degrees, MBBS and BSc. The first 2 years are pre-clinical, where we learn the main scientific content. The 3rd year, we can ‘intercalate’ and do one of a variety of different degrees. Years 4, 5 and 6 are the clinical years and mostly spent in hospitals to get first-hand experience.

So, in terms of timetabled UCL events, the first week was pretty light. We had a few introductory lectures to give us a better feel of the course and met the people who run it. The first week was spent mostly outside of the Cruciform (where medics study) and exploring UCL whilst meeting new people. On Tuesday, we had our first taste of anatomy. I got to feel a dead body for the first time (it’s much more rigid than I’d have thought) and poked into a few cut off limbs. Proper anatomy and dissections, though, begin in January so there is time. That was all in terms of the course, but other fresher’s events were more… eventful.


It being fresher’s week, there were countless of events going on to suit anyone starting university. My first event was a football tournament a week before, which was great (we won). On Monday we had a Medics boat party as we cruised on the Thames. It was a nice opportunity to meet new people in a formal and somewhat classy environment.

Tuesday was the RUMS (the medics union) fresher’s fair and Sat/Sun was the main fresher’s fair. I signed up to way more societies than I can remember. I guess you’ll find out which ones I commit to through this blog! There were a few Islamic Society events too, like a social where we ate out and an Icebreaker – it’s a very tight and welcoming society that I’m glad to be a part of. Lastly, there was a Badminton social session which was a bit hectic but still a lot of fun.

To conclude, it was a great first week where I finally got to explore the UCL campus more and meet new people. Check back next week!

About the author

Medical student at University College London (1st Year). Passionate about science, design and photography.


  • Great blog! Surprisingly I like this part especially; short and sweet with a bit of humour, yet still informative and useful, especially to those considering medicine, whether that be at UCL or not. Best medical school? Eh, up for debate I think!

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