Shadowing an FY1 Doctor


I’ve only recently finished my 1st year exams(!) and, before we get our results, our medical school organised a year 2 introduction week. This consisted of two key parts, a First Response Course and a short hospital visit to shadow a doctor. The First Response Course was quite insightful, and was given by an A&E nurse who explored the basics of dealing with medical emergencies – i...

19th January 2017


So the last couple of days haven’t been too eventful but I do have a few things to explore in this post. Our current module is Circulation & Breathing, and we are currently in the midst of learning about the lungs and the specifics of ventilation. We had a tutorial yesterday looking at a clinical case study, of someone who had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lungs) as it travelled...

17th January 2017


So today I had my first anatomy session: anatomy of the lungs and thoracic cavity. Looking forward at the start of the year to what we’d learn throughout, anatomy was the module that stood out most to me. An old cliché reason to study medicine is to want to know about the human body and how all of its components helps it function on a day-to-day basis. Well, this was my first chance to see...

16th January 2017


As a new project on, I hope to write consistently about my daily experiences in medicine and at UCL. As opposed to the well-refined (I like to think) and researched articles normally published, this will be a section where I can record what I went through and leave the ‘undigested’ commentaries. In a way, this will be more insightful than the posts up to now and gives a...

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