Shadowing an FY1 Doctor


I’ve only recently finished my 1st year exams(!) and, before we get our results, our medical school organised a year 2 introduction week. This consisted of two key parts, a First Response Course and a short hospital visit to shadow a doctor. The First Response Course was quite insightful, and was given by an A&E nurse who explored the basics of dealing with medical emergencies – i...

Biosciences at UCL – Part 1


Over the summer, I took part in a week-long summer school at UCL (University College London) which explored the Biosciences. In this post, I’ll share some of the highlights of my week in and around the UCL campus. As an aspiring medic, delving into the biosciences was fascinating, and many of the topics learnt form an essential part of the Medicine course. The general atmosphere at UCL was...

Renal Unit – Day 5


The last day of my work experience was more focused on getting an insight into the doctor’s role on the ward. Every so often (generally monthly), doctors will come in to examine patients and sort out any complicated problems they may have – to decide the next steps. I had the chance to observe meetings between doctors and patients, learning a lot about how context is used to decide...

Renal Unit – Day 4


In this 4th installment of blog posts on my experience of working in a hospital, I’d like to collate some ideas that I’ve picked up from all the previous days. These ideas all come under the umbrella of the health network and how the dialysis unit is linked to many other systems and organisations. The wards would not be able to run without it. It’s an important and interesting...

Renal Unit – Day 3


Continuing on from my series of posts about my experience on a dialysis ward, I’ll be talking about the things I learnt on my 3rd day in this post. So today was a relatively quiet day compared to the previous days I’ve had so far. Despite that, as is the case most of the time you are in the medical field, there is still so much to learn.

Renal Unit – Day 1


Hello there! My A level exams have finally finished and that means I can get back to posting regularly on TSEB. This summer, I’ll be participating in some exciting events linked to medicine and science – which I’ll be sure to document on here and share my experiences. The first of these events is undertaking work experience at Queen’s hospital in the Renal Dialysis unit.

Healthcare Careers Day at KCL


So today I attended another K+ event entitled ‘Careers Day’. The event took place from 1:45 to 5:00 in Guy’s campus at King’s College. After walking through the scenic central London and the Shard which is adjacent to Guy’s hospital, I entered the Hodgkin building which also contains the Gordon museum. The whole event took place in the museum itself, which is...

New tech allows nurses to see where your veins are


The field of medicine alone is fascinating. However, the overlap and use of different technologies to aid such fields is what makes it more interesting. On the news recently, researchers have used physics (optics) to help a problem affecting many blood donors or general patients in hospitals. That is, successfully creating machines that show real-time visuals of a patient’s veins to nurses...

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