So the last couple of days haven’t been too eventful but I do have a few things to explore in this post. Our current module is Circulation & Breathing, and we are currently in the midst of learning about the lungs and the specifics of ventilation. We had a tutorial yesterday looking at a clinical case study, of someone who had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lungs) as it travelled up from a DVT (blood clot, commonly in the lower leg). Today, we had our weekly CPP (clinical and professional practice) session, exploring the role of social media and how to navigate the issues it may pose during clinical practice. We also looked at clinical negligience and how laws are applied in different cases.

Thursday afternoons normally means an SSC (selected extra modules) session, but I finished my Cardiovascular Medicine SSC last week. Examination consisted of a presentation and an essay, which (if you’re interested) you can read at:

Aside from this, I wanted to include a few of the notable podcasts I’ve been listening to recently. I commute to university, so I find myself needing to listen to something stimulating every now and then. Find yourself in a similar position? Some of these podcasts may interest you – and of course there are many more that I haven’t discovered, so contact me if you know any others.


“It’s such a weird job”
“Words matter”

They explore the lives of paramedics, who play an essential part in pre-hospital care. The psychology aspects are very intriguing as well as hearing their experiences of dealing with patients.

All in the mind:

“Finding consciousness”

This particular episode explores the concept of consciousness and an amazing discovery relevant to patients in a coma (I won’t say more to keep the suspense).

Inquiring minds:

“How to become a grandmaster chess champion”

Again, to do with psychology of success and links well to the Outliers book by Malcolm Gladwell.

I listen to these podcasts through the pocket casts app on Android. Signing off at the BMA library 🙂