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Our medical students mentor aspiring medics through the application process.

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What makes us unique?

All our mentors share the passion that our service is built upon: getting students into medicine. We endeavour to use everything we’ve learnt in the process to help aspiring medics like you.

We wholeheartedly believe in our 1-to-1 mentoring. It’s more affordable than crash courses and our advice is more personalised. If you book consistently, we can tackle hurdles as they come.

Our core service is online, so you can progress from the comfort of your own home. This also allows us to connect you to medics from virtually any location!

How can we help?

Complete Mentoring

Our sessions can be flexible and tailor-made: to deal with all the challenges you are facing at a certain point. This means you can rely on us from the start of year 12 to the moment you get your offer.

Personal Statements

Your personal statement forms a key part of your application and is the first way medical schools can determine whether you’d make a competent doctor – so it’s essential to get it right.

Our mentors provide you with high quality feedback and will be there every moment from draft to completion.


Admissions tests are required by nearly all medical schools, and sometimes your score can be make-or-break. We’re here to help you make tangible improvements on your score and strategy. We went through it too!


Interviews are the final step before recieving your medicine offer and we know how daunting it can sound! 

Our mentors will use their experience to tailor your mock interview / development sessions, providing constructive feedback to maximise your chances of getting an offer.


Look out for discount codes! Chat to us if you want to talk about a custom package or have special circumstances, we’re always happy to help!


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£50/3 sessions
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Huzaifah Jearally

Co-founder. 2nd year medical student at UCL. Avid writer, web designer & photographer. Passionate about innovation in healthcare & education.

Melvin Rayapah

Co-founder. 1st year medical student at KCL. Passionate about writing poetry and philosophy. Dreams of being a surgeon, and being involved in education.

Wafiq Rahman

2nd year medical student at UCL. Interested in Emergency Aid and Wilderness & Sports medicine. Aspires to help research in the battle against cancer.

Rashad Ramali

2nd year medical student at UCL. Enjoys travelling and sport. Aspires to explore public health abroad and tropical diseases.

Abbey Nirmalakumaran

1st year medical student at KCL. Enthusiastic about learning new languages and discovering new cultures. Passionate about working with children in any health related environment.

Blogs by our mentors

MedTech and the future of Healthcare

What innovations are transforming medical technology and how will technology shape the future of healthcare? This post explores the ideas discussed at the recent MedTech Conference.

19th January 2017

So the last couple of days haven't been too eventful but I do have a few things to explore in this post. Our current module is Circulation & Breathing, and we are currently in the midst of learning about the lungs and the specifics of ventilation. We had a...